DAY 11 – Happy 2013!

Happy NEW Year friends!

I sincerely thank you for checking out my new blog! I’m stoked for this step forward, and while the dismaying truth is that our country and planet have suffered devastating tragedies and hardships throughout these past 365 days, I have also found that 2012 has also been a year of tremendous love, growth and inspiration. I believe that 2013 has much more love, growth and inspiration in store for all of us. One thing that becomes undeniably clear with every single passing day is that life is far too precious and fleeting… Life is a gift. Stop wasting our time on this earth NOT loving and respecting one another. We must offer helping hands to our fellow human beings whenever possible, knowing that each act of compassion we perform is a step in the right direction, diminishing hate every step of the way. So that my friends is truly the bottom line.


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