51 thoughts on “DAY 18 – The Secret Of Staying Young (My Birthday 2013)

  1. Happy Birthday sashi! Hope you are having a great birthday with your family! Lots of ❤ melissa, Jeff, summer, and violet

  2. Ah!!! 23. What a beautiful age! Happy birthday – even if it’s a little bit late and may all your dreams and hopes come true!
    Since when do you play the guitar? Maybe you can give me some tips because I’m new and I want so much to learn how to play it just to keep up with my daugher, to be a greater model for her…. Thanks for visiting!

    • Well thank you, but actually I was just making a joke referring to that Lucille Ball quote above: “lie about your age”. I actually just turned 30! haha That’s very sweet about about your daughter I’ve been playing guitar for about 17 years now, and I love it so much. I don’t know where I’d be without it!

  3. Good Morning, and Happy Belated Birthday Greetings. Just wanted to say thanks very much for visiting my site and liking one of my posts. Looking forward to reading what you have to say. Stay young and beautiful always! Much Love, Sandy

  4. Happy Birthday To You! Happy Birthday To YOU! Happy Birthday Dear Disashi Soul! Happy Birthday To YOU! And Many More! May the coming year bring you delight, kindness and unconditional love. :~)

  5. ‘Thank you for the recent visit to my post! I have passed your way many times, and on each visit, I am left with the indelible impression that each encounter is reflection of my oneself; but, not in anyway of narcissistic observance, but rather, as in the path of familiarity, as well as with many-others that share this common, creative bond in spirit!

    ‘Indeed, this is a very small world!’

    Peace and Blessings!!!

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