DAY 28 – My First 3 Sketches

Hello friends!

Those of you who follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or were friends with me on Facebook (before I left it) might have already seen my first 3 sketches.  But I felt like sharing these with those of you who have not seen them yet.  I know I will have something new to share with you all soon, enjoy!

20 thoughts on “DAY 28 – My First 3 Sketches

  1. I love that you’re creating in so many ways: drawings, words, music, everything. I followed you here from your Likes on my posts, and was so delighted to discover you’re part of a band that makes me really happy. And because I’ve been enjoying your work for a while now, it makes me feel very happy and honored that I’ve written something that you liked.

    • Thank you Kim, your words mean a lot to me! I love music precisely because it allows me to share beautiful experiences with people around the world like you. Since starting my blog I have been stoked to find more and more people looking to inspire others and looking to be inspired also. I see from your page that you are one of those people, so thanks for stopping by my page. Keep being awesome and please stop by again!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking some of my posts, your appreciation means so much to me. Your blog is beautiful and inspirational and I love your positive and gracious approach to life. I wish you every success now and in the future. Stay blessed. Michele

  3. Thank you for reading my blog posts, and liking them also! I was very surprised to have a musician from a pretty successful band like my work! Good luck on your future endeavours.

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