DAY 31 – Van Gogh Recreated

I came across this recently recreated image of Vincent Van Gogh’s world famous self-portrait. Cool stuff! (By Lithuanian Photographer Tadao Cern)


13 thoughts on “DAY 31 – Van Gogh Recreated

    • Ah well thank you so much for stopping through here! I just got seriously into sketching a couple years ago and I just started this blog in December, so I figured I would incorporate as much beautiful art as I can. Why not? I LOVE food but I’m always stoked to meet another artist, if you ever post your stuff let me know! And I’m glad you enjoy my site. 🙂

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  2. I never thought and I’m pretty sure that neither Van Gogh that one day somebody would recreate him. I enjoyed so much this article, thank you ! 😀

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