22 thoughts on “DAY 43 – The Item I Have Been Searching For

  1. I hope that isn’t like “free beer tomorrow!” Because I think we all know what happens there…

    Perhaps it’s more along the lines of “you find it in the last place you search for it.”

    Either way, may tomorrow be all that you wish it to be, and prepared to make happen.

  2. Just went back to your first entry and read most of what followed: you are not a man of many words but what you say, you say well. Are you a member of the Mastermind Group on FB? Keep going – you seem to be having fun and that’s important.

  3. ‘That thought alone is an open door to deeper contemplation: when we search for something, is because we are unaware of what is already there? And what is it that ware searching for; if it can be misplaced, stolen, or lost, then is it really worth having or searching for at all?
    The promise is that whatever is missing will be, tomorrow found; but who is to say that it will not be misplaced again?’

    ‘That though makes for a wonderful koan. Tanks for the open door!

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