DAY 71 – Wild Belle “Keep You”

This song is my jam right now!


6 thoughts on “DAY 71 – Wild Belle “Keep You”

  1. So, I like the song, it’s catchy, and think I understand the symbolism in the video. She’s in an abusive relationship with a man-child?

    Is that your take on it? If not, what am I missing?


  2. poignant truth in that. kept thinking i am blessed to know what a real man looks like in my marriage but in my past have been equally resistant to letting go of unhealthy relationships. it is so clear when you are the audience….

    • You are so right, a change of perspective can make the exact same situation look completely different. Also, I know that sometimes a rough or painful path can lead us to exactly where we want to be in the end. I am so glad though that you found the person you deserve 🙂

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