DAY 373 – *NEW MUSIC VIDEO – MySoul “Free Alone” Lyric Video

Our lyric video for “Free Alone” is now up! Go subscribe to our YouTube account and check it out:

Free Alone Lyric Video Thumbnail QuilterAmp copy

It is a simple homemade lyric video because we love our super loyal fans and you have been asking for one. Enjoy!

Disashi Soul

3 thoughts on “DAY 373 – *NEW MUSIC VIDEO – MySoul “Free Alone” Lyric Video

  1. I really love this song. Timeless classic, music and content. Well done. Hope you don’t mind, but I just posted it on reddit’s /r/music sub. They have about three million subscribers who are looking for new music. Can’t hurt, right!?! It came in at number 49.

    I don’t know whether this is a great time of night to post new music, as there is only about 1300 people on the sub right now, but I do know it’s a good time to get on the front page….less competition.

    It’s a very good song, and will do well over-time, no doubt.


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