One thought on “DAY 446 – Eminem “Not Afraid” (Explicit)

  1. Hello Disashi, could you check out my second song? It’s called “Back With the Jack”, and is about a party that ran short of Jack Daniels.

    No doubt to you it will sound more like a demo, and that’s cool with me. I released it just because I figured no one else ever would, and it’s always something I wanted to do.

    When I wrote the song, I was thinking of the live-guitar rap that Gym Class Heroes does (without my amateur level guitar playing of course), but it’s more of a blues-rock/rap song than any other term I can think of.

    You can hear it on soundcloud:

    You’re the only professional guitarist I with whom I am acquainted, and I would really appreciate your opinion. Not so much on my own production, but on what you think of the song itself.

    No problem if you cannot, no doubt you are quite busy. But if you can, many thanks! Rick McCargar

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