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Passion is that compelling feeling that will ignite the spark that is within you. If you should develop a passion for what you do, passion will serve as a catapult that will launch you towards greater things. Bear in mind, success is not an overnight thing. Passion is an inside game and the men and women who understand the power of becoming passionate about what they do – they excel.  Therefore, having a passion for something will make a lot of difference in the outcome we get from our efforts. When you are passionate about the thing you do, problems are no longer problems but rather challenges you can use as stepping-stones to advance in life. A challenge is no match for your passion! It was Earl Nightingale who said, “The more intensely we feel about an idea or a goal, the more assuredly the idea, buried deep in our…

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DAY 20 – Top Ten worst companies….

Companies need to value each and every one of us as individuals!

Bluejay's Common Sense

So as most of you already know I really despise Face book and many of you know why so it does not surprise me that they ended up on this lovely list …. (all you Instagram users make sure you read the end part under the Facebook section)  anyways I have to tell you I have had trouble with 6 of the 10 companies listed in this article during my life…  Out of the other four companies one I have never done business with (T Mobile)  … Another one of them I am not sure if I have ever done any business with (citibank) … and as far as JC penneys I have never had a problem with them except for when I worked for them but that doesn’t count because that was personal not business… NOKIA  seems to be the only one I have Never had ANY problem with…

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