Watch My Brand New Video! “3 In The Morning” – NEW SCHOOL

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Here is my brand new video for “3 In The Morning” from my Free mixtape, “Chilly

I’m so grateful for love, the opportunity to make music and for really good food. Thanks again to everyone who continues to show me support and share my music. It truly means a lot to me. Anyone who hasn’t yet can like New School on Facebook at

Of course, as always, I’ve got plenty more cookin’. And today I mean that in every way possible.


DAY 14 – The Sobering Silence


With every fiber of your being.

To the silence.

The sobering silence.

And as you honor your existence

The Truth lucidly reveals itself,

As you.

And clear as the moon’s lullaby on a cloudless night,

You understand, at last,

That beyond everything you once feared,

The Silence is your savior, and

Freedom is your destiny.